African polyrhythms

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2020. 10. 22. · As mentioned above, polyrhythms are a foundational component in lots of West African drumming, but more complex polyrhythms are widely prevalent in certain styles of Indian music, too. When using polyrhythms on a drum set or in a more contemporary music setting, we need to remind ourselves that just because we can do something does’t always mean we should. 2010. 12. 17. · African music; he did not wish to become either an African drummer or an ethnomusicologist; neither did he have any interest in composing music in an "African style". After his visit to Ghana, Reich felt anxious to get back to his own work, his own style. With all but one of his "phase" pieces already behind him, it is safe to say the. Sub-Saharan African music traditions share some homogenous rhythmic principles or else archetypes [2] that are beautifully interwoven. They use certain kinds of polyrhythms known as syncopation and cross beats. Syncopation is "a deviation from a regular expected rhythmic pattern, often placing stress on weaker beats or omitting stronger beats. Cross beat is "a rhythm in which the regular.
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